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Clarkes Solicitors

Date Joined: 30/03/2017



  • Solicitors


Who are we?

 We are one of Shropshire’s leading law firms and provide specialist legal advice for both private and business clients. 

We offer a range of services to business including:

  • Commercial Property
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Finance
  • Company Law
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Prosecutions
  • Franchising


  • Wills and Probate
  • Powers of Attorney
  • House sales and purchases
  • Employment Law
  • Family law
  • Motoring law
  • Litigation

Why did we become MMBEN supporters?

See below.

What do we hope to gain from being an MMBEN supporter?

▷ Opportunity to network with other businesses
▷ Sharing best practice with other businesses
▷ Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas
▷ Promoting business involvement in local environmental issues
▷ Delivering environmental improvements for our business
▷ Learning about sustainability and the environment
▷ To show we care about the communities that we operate in
▷ To benefit our business' profitability
▷ Improved employee wellbeing
▷ Improved business image within the marketplace

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