Joining MMBEN

Membership of Meres and Mosses Business Environment Network is charged at a minimum* membership rate according to business size (all memberships are plus VAT):

  • Charity membership £50+ p.a.
  • Small business (1-5 staff) membership – £150+ p.a.
  • Medium business (6-50 staff) membership – £250+ p.a.
  • Large business (50+ staff) membership – £400+ p.a.

To join now please contact us stating your size of business: [email protected] / 07949 823 973

Members may attend all of our events and also use the Meres & Mosses Business Environment Network logo on their own websites to promote their environmental credentials to clients, customers and suppliers.

[*Many members realise the commercial benefits from association with MMBEN and therefore many choose to increase their annual membership subscription as a voluntary ‘top-up’ towards supporting MMBEN’s good causes].

Join us today or upgrade a current membership

To start the sign up process, please fill in the form below. You can also upgrde a current membership if you’d like to share back some of the commercial benefits you’ve gained as a member.

    If you’d like to contact us, please call us on 07949 823 973 or email us at [email protected]

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