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Who are we?

Every business is different and has its own unique route to achieving sustainability.

We know enterprises want to work towards sustainability but how do you get started? And when you’ve started, how do you keep going when finances are tight and there are already so many demands on your time?

This is where we were at the end of 2018. We wanted to make changes in our business but despite the wealth of information out there we struggled to identify the right first steps. That’s why we’ve developed a simple, practical roadmap for enterprises that want a realistic approach to achieving business sustainability. We save you time by helping you get on the right track from the outset and keep you going at a pace that works for you and your business.

With over 30 years of experience enabling organisations to create change we help you identify the right level of challenge and realistic targets that translate into significant progress over time.

Why did we become a supporter of MMBEN?

Recommended by a number of colleagues as running quality events and good place to meet other businesses. An opportunity to learn about environmental and sustainable practices/consultancies in Shropshire.

What does your business hope to gain from being an MMBEN supporter?

  • Opportunity to network with other businesses
  • Sharing best practice with other businesses
  • Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas
  • Promoting business involvement in local environmental issues
  • Delivering environmental improvements for your business
  • Learning about sustainability and the environment
  • Improved understanding of environmental regulation