Halcyon Environmental

Halcyon Environmental

  • Join date: 24/04/2015
  • Tags: Training

Who are we?

Our consultancy encompasses analysis, sampling, monitoring and measurement in respect of stack emissions, personal exposure monitoring, noise and vibration and management systems. We carry out boundary noise and odour impacts and a wide range of environmental and H&S awareness training formats. We undertake highly specialised and forensic analyses of environmental issues such as drop out dusts or air/water borne contaminants. We provide Risk Assessments with regard to most chemical based activities and provide formally formatted documentation templates for the Management of Risk.


Why did we become MMBEN supporters?

We became aware of the MMBEN via one of our customers who suggested that becoming part of the Network would give the opportunity to expand our client base and to offer a wider range of expertise that we currently held. This has taken us into the MMBEN companies profile with respect already to “greening” of industrial sites and land remediation.

What has your business gained from being an MMBEN supporter?

We have encountered a number of other specialists whose skills potentially add further resource to our portfolio either symbiotically or as stand – alone entities. Our knowledge of site remediation and environmental development pathways has become significantly enhanced by the knowledge within the Network.